Billina and Peanut, a couple of hens,
A buff colored Sussex and a Rhode Island Red.
Then there's Pickles, a maverick loosed,
That Barred Plymouth Rock is gonna storm the coop.

She is ruthless,
Pickles don't give a cluck.
It's the price you pay for an egg a day.

She is ruthless,
Pecking hard and strutting tough.
This is Pickles day, she's gonna have her way.

All for Pickles and Pickles for Pickles,
All for Pickles and Pickles for Pickles,
What would Pickles do?

Billina was scratching and searching around,
She found herself a worm wriggling in the ground.
Along comes Pickles, what does she do?
She takes that worm to chomp and chew.


The chickens were roaming out on the range,
They've got the run of the yard where it's safe and contained.
Pickles pays no mind to the rules,
She slips the fence but she'll be home to roost.


Not one to follow, not one to lead,
She'd act on her own and take no heed.

Quick as a flash with a selfish streak,
She'd steal what she could and loose no sleep.

Brazen, adventurous, daring and brave,
She'd cross the line, jump the fence unafraid.

Cluck yeah!